On September 26.2003 the new MDF line has been put into production at Zheshart Plywood Mill ( Republic of Komi).

Plywood and panel products for furniture manufacturing, construction, building industry and other applications.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for construction  

The main features for MDF in building industry while applying it as wall and floor covering material are its density and wearability.
HDF boards have an average density of 10-11 kg/m2. This index is higher than the most common woods have.

For example,

Birch has a density - 4,9 kg/m2
Oak - 6,9 kg/m2
Beech - 7,2 kg/m2
Hard Density Fiberboards (HDF) has very close wearing qualities to those what wood has.


Wall Panels

Wall panels could be made of MDF, plastic or Particleboard. But normally MDF is a best choice to produce this kind of decorating material. Wall panels made of MDF have the following advantages:
  • have high durability (compared to particleboard wall panels)
  • are not resilient to the external pressure,
  • don't lose their form while exposed to temperature differences (compared to plastic wall panels),
  • have good hygienic characteristics,
  • provide good sound absorption and heat insulation for premises,
  • practical and long-lasting.


Wall Levelling

It's very important to have a smooth surface of the board while wall leveling when applying it as a basis for any kind of finishing. That is why MDF is the most suitable material for this kind of application because it's missing the following defects: veneer overlapping, accrete and falling out knots and the dents from them, splits. Due to the perfect smooth surface and minimal width/length tolerance MDF is an ideal material for making arks, columns and many more interior applications.

Characteristics MDF (2 grade) Plywood ("С" grade)
Chip of the edgeUp to 2 mm from the edge of the panelUp to 5 mm from the edge of the panel
Surface roughnessUp to 32 micro micronUp to 60 micro micron
WarpageNot more than 1,2 mm at 1 m Allowed with the bending deflection not more than 15 mm at 1 m of the diagonal.
Surface undergroundnessNot more than 10% of the surfaceWithout limit
Scratches не более 2-х шт. длиной до 200 мм на 1 кв. м.Without limit
Alien inclusionsNot allowednon-ferrous metal staples allowed

Besides this, Low Density Fiberboards (350-400 kg/m3) have good sound absorption and heat insulation characteristics.

For example: plywood sound absorption coefficient is 20 db, and MDF is 24 db.
As for heat insulation characteristics MDF panel with the thickness of 12 mm is equivalent to brick wall thickness 150 mm or reinforced concrete panel thickness 260 mm.
When applying MDF panels for wall leveling it's advised to combine it with gypsum cardboard. MDF is irreplaceable in cases when high density characteristics are required, for example for fastening add-on devices.
Unlike gypsum cardboard MDF is not crumbling.


MDF Ceiling

Panels made of MDF can be easily transformed into suspended ceilings in restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops.

Because of perforation, ventilation systems and run-outs can be placed after the panels, so they will not spoil the interior look.
This could be the new and convenient solution for non-living premises interiors.



Because of the homogeneity in thickness and the absence of knots MDF boards can be a perfect raw material for production of plain molded or three dimension details,like interior doors for example.
They can be decorated by any kind of veneers and printed paper foil finishers or just painted.

Interior doors made of MDF have plain surface and are very good - looking. While they are far more cheaper than the same product made of solid wood.

In doors production MDF can be used "on edge" so that the door skins are laminated to the board edges whilst the face of the board becomes the edge of the door.

This orientation of the MDF using a "rip and twist" method ensures high stiffness in the plane of the door and good screw holding for the hinges fitted to the door edges.

Boards in the thickness range 19 to 25 mm are commonly used for flush doors framing.
Thin MDf can be used for the door skins.


Laminated Floors

It's been long time since HDF is used as a raw material basis for laminated floors production all over the world

This material is perfect for such application because of its physical - mechanic characteristics.

By milling the board it's easy to achieve pin-slot connection, which provides a simple laminates installation.


H-beams for Monolith Construction

The core of a T-beam which is used for casing can also be made out of MDF thickness 24 mm.

Using MDF as a raw material for core in H-beams makes the final product cheaper but allows to retain all the necessary performance attributes.

H-beam is assembled with waterproof adhesive. After, it's painted with waterproof acrylic paint.


Bent Components out of MDF

At present there is invented the technology which allows bending billets made of MDF. This technology is very common to that which is applied while producing bent components out of solid wood.

This helps to extend the possible application options of this material.
Bent components made of MDF can be applied both in furniture production and interior designs.


Roof Lathing

It is very advantageous to apply MDF boards for roofing. On a special request our company is ready to supply you with water resistant MDF. This material can be used as a substitute to the more expensive ones or just as a second layer for warming living and non-living premises.

To achieve better results we recommend you to treat the surface with water resistant oil or regular oil-paint. This allows extending the service life of such roof up to 15-20 years.


Package, Multiply Use Package

As an alternative to expensive materials MDF could be used for packaging. With a minimum of fallouts one can easily produce single or multiple use packages for inedible goods. This type of package while used properly has a very long serviceability, retaining its original form.


MDF Window - Sills

MDF, typically staring from 22 mm, is being used increasingly for window sills as it has the following advantages over the solid wood.
  • Available in long lengths in a range of cut sizes widths from 150 to 300 mm or wider for special applications.
  • Easily machined with hand or simple power tools on site.
  • Manufactured at 8+/-3% moisture content and therefore ready to use.
  • High stability eliminating shrinkage and cupping defects resulting from changes in moisture content after fixing.
  • Uniform properties from crate to crate resulting from manufacturers quality control procedures.
  • High resistance to surface and edge impacts.
The cut edges of primed boards must be sealed with a moisture resistant material before fixing.
Otherwise, fixing procedures are similar to those used for conventional solid wood window boards.


Furniture and interior segments for warehouses and trade putlets

(the production of racks, shelves, counters, showcases)

MDF is indispensable while developing warehouse premises: racks made of MDF are durable, don't bent or shrink.

Besides this our company will gladly supply you with MDF with the length of 3660 mm, which allows avoiding unnecessary joints and connections in racks.

Also MDF is used for wall - paneling both in warehouses and in trade centers premises, developing showcases and trading furniture elements.


Another application of MDF

Besides all the mentioned applications MDF is used for production of:
  • Fire surrounds
  • Piano cases, frames, legs
  • Footsteps, banisters, baluster of interior stairs
  • Speaker bodies, radio's back walls
  • In wagon and car building industries Hard Density Fiberboards (HDF) are used for wagons, trams, coaches, trucks interior coatings.
  • HDF is also used in erecting automotive container houses where the walls are coated by this material which was treated with synthetic enamels.


Advantages of MDF

So MDF has a series of advantages over other alternative materials:
  • Easy to Mill
    Owing to MDF properties any pattern can be created on the board's surface, which is impossible for particleboard.

  • Easy to Paint MDF is an easy to paint and laminate material. A broad color palette can be achieved with the help of polyurethane paints.

  • Ecological Safety
    Using carbamide resin modified by melamine as a binding material provides very low formaldehyde emission class, compared to the one the solid wood has. Because of this MDF boards are ecologically safer than particleboard, and recently the ecological part in furniture choice became the main.

  • Possible Form Alteration.
    MDF with milled frequent groves is easy-to-bent, that's why it is widely used as a basis for bent-elements (facades, partitions etc).
  • Durability.
    MDF durability is 1,8 - 2 times more than the particleboard and is compared to the same characteristic of the plywood. MDF durability is provided not only by synthetic resins application, but by essential binding substances participating in interfibrillar interaction (lignine).

  • Manufacturability.
    In comparison to the particleboard, MDF board can be treated in different ways, which allows to produce high quality profiles, moldings etc. MDF details can be of diverse forms, what helps to broaden design opportunities for furniture producers. This material can be painted, laminated or covered by wood veneer.

  • Physical Mechanical Characteristics.
    In mechanical characteristics MDF boards are similar to solid wood. But for all that MDF is 60 - 70% cheaper than solid wood.

  • Noise Absorbtion.
    MDF has a high noise absorbing level. Low Density Fiberboards have perfect heat insulation.

  • Surface Quality.
    Resulting from manufacturers sanding and quality control procedures at all stages of productions a perfect surface quality is achieved. This property is very important for furniture producers.

  • Steadiness for Temperature Fluctuations.
    MDF facades in kitchen furniture are steady for steam influence - they don't swell and warp, retaining their form at temperature fluctuations.

  • Hygienic properties.
    MDF boards are form to the influence of different fungi, bacteria and germs, which make goods made of MDF safe and hygienic.

MDF helps to produce high reliable goods, carry out the construction works in workmanlike manner, broadens designer's solution in any sphere of application.

Along with all the advantages MDF has, it is also advantageous in price among similar products:
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